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Best Practices Guide To Snow & Ice Management: Does Your Snow Removal Contractor Measure Up?

grounds keeper commercial snow plow
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Whether you’re in the market for a new snow contractor or caught mid-storm without the service you need, this guide will help you check your contractor (or potential contractor) against key standards of performance and service.

  1. Verify that your contractor carries insurance liability coverage to include a specific “snow rider” endorsement.
  2. Confirm that your contractor has a clear site plan to properly move and stack snow effectively in a way that does not cause line of sight issues, thaw and refreeze areas or obstruct handicap zones, fire hydrants, sewers, etc. Each of these should be clearly annotated on the site plan.
  3. Verify that your contractor has a documented process for clearing roadways, parking lots, sidewalks and/or driveways to meet your expectations. This can include removing snow from areas in a specific order or within a specific timeframe.
  4. Confirm that your contractor has the necessary equipment and labor available to meet your requirements in an effective and timely fashion.
  5. Ask your contractor about response planning for variable storm scenarios, including light snows, icing and blizzard conditions.
  6. Ask your contractor about deicing materials, their effectiveness and their impact on the environment. Confirm that your contractor understands your requirements and has sufficient stockpile of supplies.
  7. Confirm the reliability of the equipment used by your contractor. Your contractor should have an upgrade plan for replacing outdated, inefficient or broken down equipment prior to emergency situations.
  8. Ask whether you will have a dedicated supervisor on site for project management and quality control.
  9. Ask about communication practices and procedures so that you can be assured of open 24/7 communications via phone, text or email with your designated project manager or representative.
  10. Inquire about your contractor’s continuing education in snow removal services, including attendance at seminars, professional training courses, webinars, trade shows, etc.
  11. Verify that your contractor, management team and supervisors have the necessary experience, manpower and equipment to support your ongoing requirements. Ideally look for a minimum of 10 years of field experience.

How did your contractor measure up? If you’re not receiving the attention and service you want or find yourself in a tough spot mid-storm, GROUNDS KEEPER can help.

Call us at (732) 566-1600 or contact us online for a snow removal proposal and let us show you what a hassle free winter can be like.